April 10, 2011

Collection of Selfish :)

We re manufacturing women clothes(big size).But in my free time.I design and sew some clothes which are design for comfortable and freedom.You can also give advice for me about colour or some others.I always refreshed this collection:)
This was made by silk.Its great for the hot summer days.With light blue jean,the SILKO became uncasual.

Its very comfortable for visiting the city.Everything what you need always is close to you with big side pockets.And The big rain-hood,you dont need to carry an umbrella.

This means Sumer time.White jacket,pink shirt and white dress...

Grey long dress.GREYO!A Brooch is optional.Aslo this dress have big side pocket.You can also wear them on the Hajj.

Its for my friend's wedding.Dark blue and white's compatible.Decoration of my shoes' with the same fabric with the dress.

For my best friend's wedding...Shining shoes and scarf is compatible with dress.On the neckband,there are some flowers which made of the dress' fabric.

Pink Dress Models

When my friends getting married,I looked up lots of shops for Islamic Pink Dresses.But I just found these.These are really great.You should check out,If you re also looking for Islamic Pink Dresses.The dresses aren't my design.I researched via Google.